Refacing a fireplace, is the process of taking an existing, somewhat ugly, outdated, or non functioning fireplace and remodeling it to look totally different.  It can be to add style, function, lower heating costs or change a focal point entirely.  We can do any part of the project or any part of it, from the actual mechanical parts, to the decorative, like tile, wood, stone, concrete, or other finish materials.  Most times, it is far less costly to rework, than replace an existing masonary fireplace.  No two jobs are ever the same, due to all the options at our disposal.  And, that’s what  makes it fun!  

Here are just a few before and after examples of our Fireplace Refacing and Repair:

Stone Reface using existing
woodwork and a new Wood
stove insert install before: 
After, with complete reface
of stone also:
Before, plain Jane basic
area with a mirror,
done cheaply
during original
construction in the 80’s: 
After stone to 18’ ceiling, new
new mantle and new
custom doors 


Typical brick 60’s to 70’s
fireplace before: 
After stone work, new
mantle, stained to match
existing woodwork, new
doors and hearth rework:
  Here’s an idea of what can be
done to lower fuel/ heating
costs and change up a room. 

 After the install of a pellet 
fireplace insert and rework of 
the hearth area, and bonus 
lower heating costs: 



This is the ugly ducking before:

And after and yes, this is the same
fireplace, when we were done below: